As I do every year, I travelled this Christmas to spend time with my family. This time it was one of the most relaxing, wintery and biggest feasting events I can recall… adding one kilogram per week to my weight (thank you aunt Danka!). A keen New Year exercise regime has been already planned.

I shared all my excitement, sending out a deluge of photos to friends nearly every day. One of the surprises that made me smile was discovering that McDonalds sells macaroons… Those colourful macaroons that we enjoy as a sophisticated treat in the UK; offered at fast food store in Czech Republic! Lol

It’s a great example as to how brands need to adapt when expanding internationally and into broad markets. They need to meet the challenge of keeping a consistent, global brand, whilst being local; personalising their offering to align with the culture and perceptions of the local customers.

If you are thinking of expanding to new markets, keep that in mind and plan well, or let us know; we would love to help!