I was on my way to a meeting when these two cars and tree caught my attention. The tree is a copycat stealing the colour of the cars! Wait… I might be wrong… Maybe the cars are the chameleons? 😉

In today’s global and fast moving market, we don’t know any more who first brought an idea to life, or who was the copycat either. Shall we try to prevent the tree turning red, or should we focus on our car deciding what new colour we are going to invent, leaving the tree behind? What do you think?

Don’t be a chameleon either! Trying to blend with your environment might be good for survival, hiding not to be seen by predators. But do you want your business just to survive, or become the predator, that leads the way?
By the way – in business being a predator is a good thing! You don’t grow unique, big and strong to hunt for blood, but to acquire… 😉