Every first day of each year we go with my mum for a little hike. I love it as it feels good to start moving again after couple of weeks of overeating myself… lol Also because I can properly enjoy the winter I don’t have in London. And this year the day was gorgeous!! Clear bright blue sky, trees white with glazed frost, mist coming out of our mouths… And low sun peeking through the forest trees, creating beautiful sights.

We have a saying ‘Jak na novy rok, tak po cely rok’, for which the best translation I found is ‘As for the new year, so all year round’. So what this day means for 2017? I see a beautiful positive year with a great focus and clear direction!

Every forest is different; every landscape hides different challenges and opportunities. But if we have our beacon of light identified, we always find a way through. I have mine clear and strongly shining. How about you? Do you have yours to guide you through the business forest?
If not, it’s time for you to get in touch! 😉