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A platform that will allow anyone to become a ‘marketing expert’ enabling them to identify, build and execute effective campaigns in a few steps.

Industry: Technology
Location: London, UK

The Startup

A world where every business owner receives a business and marketing experise in few clicks.

Since the rise of digital marketing and a global marketplace, marketing became increasingly complex and unclear, leaving SMEs struggling.

They want to grow but most are receiving no results for their investments, or ‘shooting into the dark’ in the hope of figuring out what would work over time. That’s an expensive exercise SMEs can’t afford.

ThirdEye Tech will change this. Our platform will allow anyone to become a ‘marketing expert’ enabling them to identify, build and execute highly effective campaigns in few steps, knowing in advance what results to expect.

And that’s just the beginning… Our vision is to develop ThirdEye Tech into the world’s platform for marketing and business that turns a vision into a reality in a click.

One small campaign can lead to a successful accelerated growth of a company. We call it the ThirdEye effect.

  • Effortless
  • Clairvoyance
  • Real time
  • Goal oriented
  • Focused engagement
  • Clarity – nothing is hidden
  • The platform identifies the best bespoke marketing campaigns and their structure for each company automatically without the need of marketing expertise, process being data and ML/AI driven.
  • Bringing transparency to campaigns via visual representation of every touchpoint and step of each campaign and their performance, now, in the past and future; as well as automatic identification and tracking of relevant metrics and KPIs.
  • The platform includes a comprehensive Company, Brand and Target Audience Profile allowing each company to build  a comprehensive brief for suppliers of the campaign content. Brief clarity increases performance of communications and therefore campaigns themselves. Effective campaigns are identified automatically as per above, replacing the ‘lazy’ use of the same campaigns for everyone that many Marketing Professionals deliver. There will be also comprehensive learning and consulting support

The project has a global potential across all industries and company sizes. The main focus is on SMEs who are underserved and the UK market to start with. 

There are 465 million SMEs globally with a total turnover of $32,6 trillion and over $5 trillion marketing spending. A global average marketing budget is over $11K/year/SME.

UK has the highest number of SMEs in Europe. 

Our initial focus would be the UK/London (805K SMEs), acquiring 0.1% of the local market and 25% of their marketing budget (full average budget is $36.8K/year/SME). 

After the technology and market validation our expansion would be focused on the rest of the UK, as well as other industries, followed by global expansion. 

The current expected segmentation:

  1. Freelance marketing professionals
  2. SMEs: Tech startups
  3. TBC based on response during the development 

They would be involved at the pre-launch MVP build and would be critical in a quality database & data building.

There are no competitors for the campaign prediction functionality which, once launched, will be our biggest differentiation and selling point.

Other functionality:

Marketing campaign creation and management

Our only close competitor would be a platform called Albert ( They deliver AI driven automation functionality we promise for the automated improvement of campaigns (proving it’s doable), but focus only on handful of campaign touchpoints.

CRM systems with campaign builders like Infusionsoft ( The CRMs are expensive, the builder is not easy to use, time consuming, training is often required. Also, the company is required to know what campaigns they want to build and what every step of the campaign should look like. 


Direct competitors are freelance marketplaces like upwork ( and PeoplePerHour ( They focus only on connecting buyers and sellers, not on the quality of work

Personal investment into the company up to date: £15,000
Previously attended incubator/accelerator: GSE (Global Startup Ecosystem)
Funds received: £0
Grants received: Smart Innovation UK
Funds received: £50,000
Previous investment received: 1 round, pre-seed
Number of investors: 1
Funds received: £12,000

The Team

Sasha KrystaFounder, CEO, CMO, CSO
Current Ownership: 100%
Commitment: Full time
Location: London, UK

Sasha is an award-winning designer; a business, brand & marketing expert. For her consulting business, she developed a unique methodology, [MEMO]TM, which has received tremendous acclaim, supporting expanding companies in a wide range of business activities. This is now being turned into the ThirdEye Tech platform.

Current investment


Funding secured 80%

Personal: £5,000
Investors: £15,000

To raise: £5,000

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