Amazon is fascinating. It’s appetite for growth, it’s ruthless way of doing business – a big monster, ready to eat all and everything on it’s way.

Talking over the week-end with a friend, owner of his small family company – we got into online selling. As this is what I do, helping small to medium companies being successful in their distribution, the topic came naturally. On the last show he attended, he told me – well actually he boasted – that the amazon buyer had come to his booth begging to list his products. He was really proud to have sent him off, saying that he “did not really need Amazon, thank you very much”. He had faced the monster, and sent him away.

Well I think he was wrong. Now why that?

  • First Amazon has become so big you can’t just pretend it’s not there.
  • Second Amazon will list any product and any company, and you take care of all the listing by yourself – making sure all the content is perfect.
  • Third the alternative is to open your own website, and drive traffic to it – or go through some specialist who has it’s own traffic. But honestly who can beat Amazon in terms of traffic, how much investment will you need to generate the same kind of awareness?

In the past you had to knock to all the retailers doors big or small, to get your products through to the customers. The small brands would struggle to enter into the big ones, either because of the cost to enter or the impossibility to get to the buyer.

Amazon gives equal chances to all to list their products. And that is favourable to the smallest ones, who can be much more agile, and therefore more efficient. The smaller brands can take advantage of the the massive marketing investment Amazon gets from the big brands and that in a Robin Hood manner, it shares with all brands to bring traffic to all.

The new way of doing business is a bit less about what product you have, which features it has, it’s more about: can you be seen, and can you look good when people look at you.

Amazon gives a chance to the low budget companies to shine in this new world – and so many do not get it yet. There is an incredible window of opportunity for the ones who know how to pull the right triggers.

Amazon is neither a monster, nor a robin hood; it’s simply a huge opportunity. You just need to understand how it works, and make the most of it.

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