You have to build this success story you promised yourself such a long time ago. For yourself, your boss, your family, whoever. Be it a distribution network, a new brand, a start up, you name it. But right now, you are on your own, very little resources, apart from your vision and your dreams. How do you get it done, then?

First quit dreaming your life, start to live it!

Nothing worse than to dream oneself the best salesman, the best manager… when – let’s be frank – we are not always. It is not about being negative, just being realistic about you. Find friends, teachers, HR people to find out what you are great at. Just focus on that. For the rest, find the good partners to help you out, and don’t loose time on what you are not the best at.

Start to be sociable

You need to get out and test your ideas, your dreams, what you want to do with people outside. Do not worry someone could steel your ideas: you have much more to loose from not getting feedback, than to get your idea stolen from you. Get out: listen to people, help them whenever you can, you will get help in return one day.

Listen, listen, listen

Success in business comes from answering the needs of someone. So listen carefully to your customer, your target audience, and tailor your product or service to their needs, not the other way round. If it still does not fit, listen again, ask open question, do not force people into your own ideas.

As they say… never give up!

It’s all over the place: never give up. You can get sometimes tired of it. You are aloud to be tired, to be fed up, to want to give up. That’s where you need all the more an environment, which can help out, cheer you up in difficult times. Never give up… on your friends and the people you can trust.

With a little help from my friends

In a word, you can’t succeed on your own, that is: get out there, seek feedback, friendship, and look for anything positive – not as in a dream, just from people really wanting to help you, for your own sake, or the sake of your project.

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