You want to sell online and get your share of success on Amazon? You don’t how to get it done and/or you don’t have the time or the resources? You had a big sales plan, but the results are just not yet there?


We equip you with the right tools and knowledge to understand how to drive your sales on the n°1 marketplace


As a taster, here are the 7 steps to the Holy Grail of successful Amazon sales:

  1. It all starts with the proper business model

First things first, you can’t hope for success if you do not have a great offering, value for the customers, supply and quality in place, production and delivery running. The solution needs not be revolutionary, but it must be of interest to customers. The point of difference is an important point, but being outstanding on Amazon could well be your successful point of difference.


  1. The products

You need to think and prepare your products to be sold online: focus on a simple range to get started, and build up on it. Quality must be 100% to get your business started. Bad reviews at the beginning will doom your project


  1. The Pricing

Make sure you have the pricing to serve your business model, taking the competition into account, protecting your margins and the face value of your products at the same time. Amazon drives prices down, but you have the control over it – you need to make sure you are handling it in your best interest.


  1. The content

When developing your items make sure you take plenty of photos, videos and that have enough texts to describe in as many details as possible. It is not complicated, only time consuming, but this will be a key element. In the choice of product / features choose the ones which can easily show on a picture or on a video.


  1. The marketing

Amazon provides great tools to drive business to your pages. Once the content is in place, make sure to boost your traffic.

  1. The promotions

Amazon has several promotions offered: make use of them at large extent, this will increase your awareness and improve your product ranking.


  1. Follow up every day

A major mistake is to upload the products, and then resume to other things you’ve got to do. Success will only come following up constantly improving each step again and again.


We help you drive your success on Amazon. We can (1) make an assessment of your business, (2) build a plan around your vision, (3) give you the tools to master Amazon to achieve outstanding growth, and (4) if needed provide you with a team to handle Amazon for you.

Save time, save money, build your business!

Who do we help? Companies who have a strong desire to grow online through Amazon, typically:

  • start-ups or scale-ups with limited resources
  • medium size companies with challenging sales targets


Why us? With more than 15 years of experience, handling on a daily basis Amazon accounts throughout the world we bring a wealth of experience and real world solution with proven results to back them up.

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