Whiston Solutions


CASE STUDY CHALLENGE Brand almost non existent Low credibility and brand awareness Large number of referrals, no conversions Inconsistent marketing communications SOLUTION [MEMO]TM Audit Strategic Plan development to identify brand and marketing strategy New brand design to express company values Target audience [...]



CASE STUDY CHALLENGE Deliver significant market share gains Modernise presentation Unify / formalise marketing communications SOLUTION [MEMO]TM Audit Strategic Plan development to identify brand and marketing strategy Simplification and consistency of the brand Redesign of all online and offline presentational, marketing and [...]



CASE STUDY CHALLENGE Multiple brands confusing potential customers Website outdated and not responsive, not emphasising a premium quality of products sold Company not achieving their ambition to extend market reach to new audiences within the UK New business strategy needed support of brand & marketing [...]

Poised Concierge


CASE STUDY CHALLENGE Outdated website and communications not profiling the premium nature of the company clients Unclear differentiation versus their competitors Low sales and enquiry conversion rates Ineffective marketing campaigns SOLUTION Current situation assessment and workshops conducted Structure and visual design of [...]

Celestial Globe


CASE STUDY CHALLENGE Online presence outdated Head office in the UK, rest in China - cultural differences and disagreements on how to present the company SOLUTION Brand Values Proposition Powerclass to identify focus for the international brand Consulting sessions to identify internal sales processes and [...]



CASE STUDY CHALLENGE International Partnership programme support scattered and inconsistent Materials supporting Partnership programme inaccessible and inconsistent Awareness of the offices and partners of what is available and how and where to use the materials SOLUTION Design and development of a multilingual website for internal [...]

British Autogenic Society


CASE STUDY CHALLENGE Presentation outdated, communications unclear Technique taught yet not well established in the UK Management not business and technology oriented thinkers SOLUTION Set of consulting sessions to identify the charity’s vision, challenges, needs, direction and focus Design of an attractive, fresh website with [...]

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